Accomplished UX Architect and leader with nearly 20-years of experience building usable, useful, and measurable interactive user experiences.
A hands-on leader with the unique ability to communicate effectively with customers and stakeholders to drive the creation of usable products at scale. 
Equal amounts of experience working with startups and large corporations. Deep expertise with a variety of complex interface products, including enterprise SaaS applications, native mobile apps, complex trading platforms, and content production software.
I do things like…
• Create product concepts
• Design interface interactions
• Shape customer behavior
• Lead UX teams
• Manage product design
I believe…
• Interface design should drive product development because it's what people actually use.
• New insights appear at any stage of the project, so the development process should optimize for change.
• UI is software, so designers should know how to deliver work that translates into code.
For more information…
Linkedin: The most up–to-date source for my work experience.
Twitter: I use twitter to post and retweet things related to interaction design, research and cognitive science. 
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