I'm Mark, an accomplished design leader committed to human-centered innovation.

πŸ“š Summary of My Expertise
I am a strategic designer dedicated to human-centered experiences. My broad curiosity, extensive experience, and proficiency in efficient design practices make me a valuable collaborator ready to tackle any challenge.
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πŸ’‘ Design Mastery for Impact
Specializing in equipping teams with design expertise, I facilitate the delivery of human-centered solutions that bring significant value to both users and businesses.

πŸš€ Proven Impact Over 20 Years
With a track record spanning two decades, I leverage innovative design thinking methodologies to address intricate user experience challenges, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction, engagement, and revenue growth.

🌐 Ethical Leadership Advocate
Dedicated to diversity, fairness, and inclusivity, I champion honesty, clarity, and responsibility to cultivate stronger teams and provide exceptional customer service. My career is founded on an unyielding commitment to ethical principles, which I integrate into all aspects of my professional and personal life.

🀝 Accomplished Team Builder
I foster creative and enthusiastic environments and demonstrate a history of leading and motivating impactful UX teams. My strength lies in collaborative efforts with diverse stakeholders, including C-suite executives, product managers, engineers, marketers, salespeople, and customer support teams, resulting in meaningful business outcomes.

🎨 Strategic Designer with Global Experience
As a well-rounded strategic designer, I am passionate about people, interactions, ideas, and products. My experience spans global multi-language products at large corporations and consumer apps at startups. My expertise is delivering, training, and consulting with designers at renowned companies such as Gartner, MetLife, Amazon, and The New York Times, focusing on near-term impact and long-term results.

🌐 Exploring Curiosity
Driven by curiosity, I am enthusiastic about designing impactful solutions, travel, coffee, technology, and teaching. I actively share my thoughts on #AI #UX #UI #leanux #designsystems on LinkedIn.
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