I have over 20 years of experience leading teams to deliver beautiful and engaging human-centered solutions for software products. I’m a collaborative and resourceful partner, adept at balancing both strategic goals and the nuances of professional relationships. I have always strived to build and nurture an inclusive team culture and am passionate about quality, craft, and detail.
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WORK samples  
1) Design system / Component library, Gartner 
↳ The design system dashboard combines the design tokens, code, tickets, and an indicator showing whether a token is ready for use or in progress. 
↳ The design system was made into a product, along with a product owner, a roadmap, key targets, and success metrics.
2) CIO strategic planning tools, Gartner 
↳ Demo user flow from the Priorities Navigator into the Initiative Accelerator. This program arms executives with an action plan to deliver on mission critical priorities. 
3) enterprise Digital Asset Management, Contently
↳ A Digital Asset Manager (DAM) was added to the content marketing platform product. This flow demos the actions of a primary user goal: uploading multiple assets.
📚 What’s it like to work with Mark?

I thought it would be interesting to use Generative AI to summarize my years of professional feedback. Here's the result:

"Mark Opalski is a distinguished professional known for his strong leadership and intellectual humility. His key strengths include effective organization, relationship building, positivity, hard work, and discipline. As a "Diplomat" leader, he values interpersonal harmony, fosters a supportive work environment, and is highly adaptable. Mark's high score in intellectual humility reflects his openness to diverse viewpoints, balanced confidence, and willingness to revise opinions. Colleagues recognize him for his deep knowledge, creative energy, mentoring skills, and significant professional achievements. Mark stands out for his empathetic leadership, commitment to team growth, and innovative approach." 
Data Sources: Gallup CliftonStrengths. Annual Performance Review Feedback. Intellectual Humility Report.
Summarized text: OpenAI. (2024). Assistance was provided via ChatGPT.
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